Martin Baines
Why should I buy from you?

Why should I buy from you ...?

Seriously, there are any number of providers of your product or service out there so why should I invest my time and money with you?

Having a clearly defined value proposition is critical when it comes to differentiating yourself from the competition; and it isn’t always about price!

We are all consumers, and we all go through a buying process when considering the purchase of a product or service, so, having done my research and narrowed my choice down to 2 or 3 providers, when I am evaluating the alternatives, what will make you stand out?

We all have different buying motives, so it is vital to understand what your prospect’s pain points are and how your product or service can solve those pain points.

What are you doing to make it easy for me to buy? Nobody likes to be sold to, so don’t sell to me, instead, help me along my buying journey and get me to realise that my problems and my pain will go away when I buy from you and that I can trust you once I have bought to make good on your promises.

So if I asked you what your value proposition is, your USP, what would you say ...?

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