Martin Baines
About Us
With over 25 years sales experience in a variety of different industries and sectors, and a team of highly trusted and reputable associates you can be certain you will get a wealth of knowledge, skills and measurable results when you work with us.

What our clients say

"Martin has helped me on a number of occasions now. His expertise in his field is second to none. He is motivating and encouraging whilst being friendly and open. I highly recommend him both as a consultant and a trainer."

"Martin is a professional trainer who can focus on delivering complex detailed course material in an engaging and innovative way. Delegates appreciate his open and friendly style while fully participating in meaningful learning. His creative, communicative style is a particular strength when delivering content to delegates with different learning styles and this enables all attending to learn from Martin and the content he delivers."

"Martin worked with Aston Martin Orlando in a training role and provided a positive, enthusiastic and helpful work environment. Definitely recommended."

"Working with Martin is always a pleasure; his delegate related focus means Martin's audience are considered during the whole session. His approachable and welcoming style leads to a positive environment where all involved develop a desire for progression…. Martin really is a true professional."

"There are very few people in the world who are so genuine, talented, inspiring, creative, fun and great to be in the company of. Martin is one of those few. I have no hesitation in recommending Martin."

"I have had the benefit of having Martin as a coach on a couple of courses … Martin quite simply knows his subject, even with 15 years' sales experience he was able to show me a different approach to something I thought I knew all about. The way Martin does this is very much like looking through a kaleidoscope – he just turns what you thought into a slightly different picture. Martin is without question the best trainer I have come across … Did I learn from Martin? Yes. Have I made more sales from the knowledge given by Martin? Yes. Would I recommend Martin? Most definitely."

"Martin is an excellent training consultant. He is professional, conscientious and passionate about his work. He takes pride in understanding the culture and values of an organisation and works well with a variety of levels and groups both in the training room and with the client. His knowledge and expertise are delivered in a natural manner and this ensures that his audience are truly engaged."

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